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How do you totally erase a computer’s hard drive if I am giving my computer to someone else?

I am giving my computer away and I want to make sure that none of my personal data is available. Anything that is available is retrievable. Is this something a lay person can do, or do I need to take it to the shop?

How do I change the font color of cells containing a function/formula in Excel?

I have a spreadsheet containing both formulas and plugged in numbers. I would like to differentiate between the two, and would like to color all the font of cells containing functions in a different color. Any ideas on how to do this?

What’s the easiest way to move 15gb itunes music to new computer?

I’ve got collectively 15gb of music/videos on my itunes.I just bought a new laptop and want to transfer all of my music fairly easily.any recommendations?

How do I make my own myspace bumper sticker?

I would like to make my own myspace bumper sticker but I dont know how. Could someone please tell me how I can? Like, make one with just words with different colors or add a picture to. Thanks in advance.

How to take a clip off of a dvd to out in windows movie maker?

Im trying to get Friends season 7 episode 10 on my computer to edit for a project, i only need a certain part but i can’t get it into the movie maker and im afraid to mess up the disk it’s on. Help?

How do I download Xvid component to run some quiktime compatible videos?

When I download Xvid for windows to run videos on quiktime that require quiktime to have Xvid it doesnt do anything. After I downloaded it I clicked play and it still says you need to download Xvid. I dont get it what do i do?

What is the best site to use to build a website for free?

I’m looking for something that is easy to use while allowing me to create something that looks professional.

What’s the difference between the 54 keys keyboard and the 61 keys keyboard?

I’m going to learn how to play the piano. Which is the best way to start the 54 keys or the 61 keys, and what’s the difference between the two of them?

How to move mail from Thunderbird on one computer to Thunderbird on another computer?

I just got a new laptop and would like to move all my messages (inbox and outbox) from the old computer and have it on Thunderbird on the new laptop. Can anyone explain how to do this?