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How do I update my laptops drivers when there is no way to connect to the internet?

I Installed windows xp onto my laptop instead of vista in order for it to run smoother now i have the problem of I cannot use the internet without installing and updating the wireless device which I expected, but now for some reason I can’t even use a cable to connect to the internet either…

Wireless says it is connected but the browser will not work?

I am running windows vista service pack 1. The weird thing is I can connect to servers on a online game (Armegettron) But when I try to go on my browser it says it has no connection. Anyone know any solutions?

How can I start my computer over from scratch?

I have another computer and it has a really bad virus. I don’t know if I can go online with it or not, I know it’s really slow. I’d like to start over, I don’t care about losing files. Is there a way I can download an antivirus program for free while on the computer?…

What do you do after you get out of the cage on clubpenguins missiojn?

After you get out of the cage do you leave? Because i opened the door and there is a pile of snow in front of it. What do i do?

How do I remove a crashed computer from M/S Office with the 3-user license agreement?

In other words, I need a fourth computer and want to delete one of the others.

Any way to partition an external hard drive without losing data?

I have an external hard drive with loads of data on it that I would like to keep (all in NTFS format). All I want to do is change it so that what I have will remain on the hard drive and remain in NTFS format while the free space on the drive is converted…

How can I start my own real website with a domain name, when I don’t know anything about web hosting?

Can anyone give me a little know-how about starting up a website? Perhaps some step-by-step about how to go from knowing nothing about this, to running a website? I think alot of people would benefit from this information besides just myself. I need to know some of the steps that I need to take to…

How can I find out which of my wireless connections are fastest?

I have several wireless connections to choose from they are all pretty slow but still how can I find out which is fastest? They all have bars next to them but I dont think that is accurate. My internet is still slow when I connect directly to my modem with an Ethernet cord wtf.

How to connect a pc to internet through the sony ericsson w205?

I want to access Internet on my pc with the help of mobile phone sony ericsson w205. Please someone help.

How do you make a browser oriented game?

How do you make a game that everyone can play online and sign up for, but play the whole thing in their browser? I want to make a game sort of like Mafia Battle or even Envy. If you know, please tell me.