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How do I reset Microsoft Word to be the download default instead of Microsoft Powerpoint?

Somehow the default has been changed to powerpoint and now every time I go to download something, it opens in powerpoint and is not able to be read. Please help me open any downloads with Word!

What happens when you hide a post you made on a friends Facebook timeline?

Let’s say I post something to my friend’s Facebook time line. I don’t want it to be a private message that is just for them, but I don’t want to have it on my timeline either. If I hide it from MY timeline does it automatically disappear from theirs as well?

What is the best way to advertise a retail website?

Please give actual things to do. I know about search engine optimization and all that. I want some actual concrete things to do.

How to find websites that use a particular WordPress theme?

PS: I want to know if there are other websites out there on the Web that use a particular WP theme. I know the name of the theme.

How do I get my laptop to connect to the internet through a router?

I have set up the router already with the instructions. I looked for a wireless connection through my laptop and it still is’nt working. What should I do?

How do I get my camera to work on my macbook for the ichat application?

photobooth works fine, but ichat will only let me use audio-not video. how do i turn on the camera? thanks!

How long should shipping take for my laptop?

I ordered a Dell laptop online last friday, May 27, to have it delivered to the store. The website said 5-7 days, and it has now been 8. Has anyone else had experience with ordering Dell laptops online, and how accurate was the delivery date?

How do you do visual effects like cloning on windows live movie maker?

I’ve looked at alot of youtube videos and none of them tell me how to do visual effects in Windows Live Movie maker. Anything would be helpful.

What’s the difference between the different processors in computers?

I’m on HP trying to figure out what computer I want and I’m comparing the different types. The problem is that I don’t know whats the difference between different processors. Does it matter?Thanks.