April 19, 2021

18 Y/O currently studying cyber security (CompTIA certs) and looking to advance

I’m an 18 year old currently studying in the industry of IT and at the moment, it seems my end goal is to get into penetration testing. However I’m not soo starry-eyed that I can’t see it will take years of work and experience. I’m currently A+ certified and am about to sit my network+ exam and after that will be obtaining sec+ and cysa+. My question to you lot is, what should I do next? I don’t want to just get cosy while working, I want to continue expanding my understanding and knowledge of the things around me and I’m not sure which path will take me down this road.

A few people I have spoken to have told me that with the certifications I’m getting I will most likely end up as a cyber security analyst for a few years before moving onto bigger things. Is this true? and if so, could someone please share their experience as an analyst?

If there is anyone here who has worked as/with a penetration tester or someone similar what was it like?

What other possible options do I have going down this path?

I’ve started fiddling around with Kali just to try my hand at things and get a general feel for it while I’m young to hopefully make things easier but I think the advice of some experienced people in this field would be very beneficial. Please be as detailed as possible. I really appreciate you taking the time to help a newbie out :)

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