October 11, 2021

3 Upper Level Cyber Gigs at the Same Time and Still getting Multiple Offers

I have a good job in the very low 200k range working remote and one day I started thinking I could push hard to get to a quarter mill a year and struggle or make way more than that close to 50k bump working another easier job in the high 80s to low 100s an hour. Put my resume on Indeed and started taking a ton of calls. Finally I got an offer with a firm supporting a major healthcare org as a senior cyber consultant and while I was onboarding, I got another offer with a contracting company supporting Dell’s consulting practice for a few dollars more than the other offer while sounding more interesting. So then I thought I will give the first an excuse to fire me so I can focus on the Dell position by demanding they pay me for 3 days I could not work because they brought me on 3 days later than they thought. Well, they ended up saying I would be paid for those days and then I thought I would just stay there and work the 3rd job supporting Dell as well and then decide which one I liked better and then quit the other. 6 weeks later I am still with all 3 and clearing 38k a month after taxes. The crazy part is I have gone to 2 other interviews (I have commitment issues) with awesome companies that are not on contract and will pay me in the 200s, train me, and one will give me stock options in the company. I love my primary company and feel I will stay with them. The work flow is easy, they take good care of their employees, and they really like me. The healthcare contract position they have an easy workflow and admire me. I feel I do good work for them already. The Dell position has great people but I am a fish out of water there. They have a busier workflow and are pretty isolated with their team though they are all nice. My quandary is, do I keep 2, drop one and bring on the 2 new opps and then drop one or 2 of the 4? Maybe I drop both contract positions and take the 2 new FTE positions or do I drop 1 I have now and then pick one of the 2 new opps? Kind of crazy!

For a reference, I have over 25 years in IT and cyber exp, a masters in cyber management, and I have 28 certifications to include every ISC2 cert.

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