May 14, 2021

9-5 is a big fat lie in Cybersecurity?

So, I was recently accepted into a rather prestigious and very difficult internship with a very large Cybersecurity company. The hours are 8-5, so right off the bat, this skirts the “9-5” rat-race idea. This would be rat-race + 5 hours a week.

Except, we are also expected to be available at 7am; we are given excess homework to do off the clock which adds on an additional 30 hours a week.

So this $15 an hour internship has suddenly become a $6.86 an hour internship. Not to mention kind of being illegal. They say things like, “You’re gonna have to work outside of the 8-5….IF you want to succeed.” So it’s technically *not* “mandated”, but they basically mean, “You have 90 hours of work to do.”

Of course, it’s not all about the money. It could bloom into a permanent position, as well, which is worth baseline $70,000.

The general theme I’ve seen in the company is the marketing/CSM’S/Regional sale’s reps are very, “YOU MUST HAVE PASSION AND BE IN THIS FOR MORE THAN MONEY!”

Meanwhile, the techs and CSEs seem to face more of a, “Yeah bro, I’m just here to work on software, so I can provide a better life for my family, and I’m willing to work 8-12 hour days to do that, because the compensation is spectacular.”

Now. To my question. Is this the commonality of the Cybersecurity field? You never stop working? I am currently, as an intern, working 11-14 hour days, including Saturday and Sunday.

As it stands, this company is literally my whole life. I do not want this, but I need to finish the program for valuable certs. And I will. I’m VERY grateful for the opportunity, but am also like, “….I’d like to see my family.”

I don’t know how people could even manage basic hygiene like this, let alone exercise, hobbies, or families. Or sleep.

Is the 40 hour workweek replaced by the 80-100 hour workweek?

Do doctor-like restrictions need to come into place mandating a maximum of 60 hours a week?

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