April 1, 2021

A guy on omegle said the city and country i am from, scared

When on omegle i always say fake country because im worried, today whilst on cam talking to a guy he said after less than 3 minutes, “its interesting you mention you know ____ cause here it says yr from” and he said the country and town. I immediately skipped…wtf

How do people know?? Is he a cop? Why did he do it???



If you know an IP address, it’s simple to look up the location of that IP address within a medium margin of error (e.g. city level, sometimes a bit more granular). There are hundreds of sites that offer geo-locating, and websites do it all the time (a good example is websites which block visitors from the EU to avoid GDPR).

Also, since you were talking on camera there are other possibilities such as what is in your background. Maybe you have a flag on your wall. Maybe you speak with an accent or dialect that is predominately from a certain area. Things like that.

Is he a cop? No idea. Probably not?

Why? No one but him can answer that.


Omegle is insecure. Anyone can follow a youtube tutorial to do the same thing he did. I doubt you’re in danger, but just get a VPN and ensure it works with ipleak.net if you want to hide your location

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