October 11, 2017

A Keyboard Made Of Glass?

A Keyboard Made Of Glass?

Bastron Glass Keyboard – http://amzn.to/25uPiCm
Wooden Keyboard Video – https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4

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Allround TV™

You can use it to cut food on

Cortney Brown

Can you use this on the microsoft surface???

ALL Tips 모든 팁들

It is touch! XD

Scott Doss

What do you do with these after you test them.

yasiru jayasuriya

This could be used in the OR (operating room)

Rajan Kumar Gupta

best laptop for programming in cheap price

Aleo YouTube

It's for gaming without noise


I have glass that is see through and when I touch it it makes a noise

Sagar Narayan Patra

Nice keyboard

Lord Xephos

this is for ppl who want to type without making sound


I actually like it. And its intuitive.

Famous Anus

this would be nice with a haptic feedback system

Arab Show

For every one searched for(test123) on youtube

derek wats

this keyboard is for neo-futurist architect abstract artist snobs who lives in a sleek sci-fi contemporary concrete and glass house…..like me

Shadow Night

Nooo now the world would be controlled by electronics


The perfect sci-fi movie prop.

Saad Saleem

over actor


Ehh it looks cool and futuristic and all but i would miss the sound of the keyboard sound when you press on it or type

Jared Telford

A trackpad-keyboard hybrid? That's actually a LEGIT innovation.

whats coming up? what?

wish it was wireless

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