August 27, 2021

A Mini-Documentary I created on “The Origins of The Computer Virus”

Hi Community!

(this has already been posted on r/hacking, needed to get mod permission to share this on here but hope you guys like it!)

I’ve recently started a documentary series on “The History of The Computer Virus” – I’ve just covered it’s origins on this video, do take a look!

The [r/hacking]( & [r/cybersecurity]( has been super supportive of my documentaries, so I thought I’d keep sharing.

Here’s the video: [](

Here’s the timeline of the video & a brief look on what I cover:


[00:00]( – Introduction

[00:50]( – The Father of Computer Virology

[01:41]( – “DARWIN” – Programming game

[02:39]( – “The Scarred Man”

[04:12]( The “CREEPER” Virus

[05:48]( – The “Rabbit” (Wabbit) Virus

[07:05]( – The “ANIMAL” Episode

[09:53]( – The “Elk Cloner”

[11:33]( – Coining “Computer Virus”

[13:35]( – The “Brain” Virus

[16:30]( – The “PC-Write” Trojan

[17:09]( – Conclusion

Do let me know your thoughts! I would love to get any feedback at all!

Here are the other documentaries I’ve made:


The SolarWinds Hack: [](

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