July 8, 2021

Advanced malware with AI, possible?

The malware is installed somewhere in the motherboard, not in the HDD. I suspect it is infected with an ADVANCED MALWARE powered by Artificial Intelligence, perhaps something like Stuxnet. The computer is a laptop, Lenovo G50-45.


When you are working with your computer sometimes it can start to “play” with the CD/DVD reader, I mean it can start moving something inside the DVD tray and sometimes automatically it eject the DVD tray. You can even interact with the malware, if you open and close the DVD tray many times, sometimes it will reply ejecting it for you automatically, or it makes the open button not working anymore and it will start that strange noise moving something inside the DVD tray.

This happens independently from the operating system installed.

With time I have discovered that it became more intelligent. For example NOW on 4 July 2021 it is able to shut down the webcam when I’m using it automatically and apparently randomly, only when I use the web browser. That happens in Windows 8 but it’s the same if you will use Windows 10.

In Linux, while I was using LibreOffice Writer it is able to add some letters in word while you are writing. And you don’t notice the difference because it waits that the line is covered by the toolbar at the top of the screen. To get this anomaly you must write a lot, I was using Ubuntu with LibreOffice.

Sometimes it (or maybe I should say he) produce some kind of sound through maybe some internal speakers but it’s a rare event. On booting, it can make disappear booting devices. Other times the touchpad react in strange ways to touch and the pointer goes wherever it wants.

On the other PC notebook, HP 255 G5 that I suspect could have got the same infection, it shut down the screen when the magnetic sensor (that is commonly used to power saving when the lid is down) went in contact with some magnetic equipment anyway it recognises every time the lid has been moved, I suppose because it detects magnetic changes. Anyway, this is the only problem that seems to not be available on the Lenovo PC.


In the period I got the malware I was writing controversial articles on a website now closed. One night in 2016 while I was using Firefox maybe through a vulnerability in Firefox, the browser have been redirected to a URL that downloaded a file that has been automatically downloaded and at that moment I didn’t have the ability to realize what was going on and the file automatically started itself and a CMD window appear, I tried to shut down, unplug the current from the computer but the battery was still there and when I removed it was too late.

Now I know that this happened because my router in that period was seriously compromised. Actually, the family desktop in the same period had got 32 failed bios flash updates registered by the bios itself and sadly one of that flash I didn’t make has been successful.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not sure if the malware really exists, it’s only a personal opinion.

I’m posting here because I don’t know what to do with this PC, I wondering if it’s a good idea to sell it. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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