July 12, 2021


As someone who majored in a different field, how would you recommend I get started in cyber security? Is going back to school the only way to start a career?



No – “Going back to school” isn’t the only way to start a career in Cyber Sec.

I could answer a question on Reddit almost everyday with “you don’t need a degree to do well in any IT field, but it can seriously help”.

Depending on your background knowledge and where you want to go, there are a bunch of different answers we could all give.

The thing to note is Cyber Security takes a lot of additional understanding & learning, again depending on the countless fields underneath the umbrella term “Cyber Security”.

My small bit of advice, given the very little information I know about you:

* Understand what your current tech level is, build on it regardless.
* Delve into the sheer amount of sectors in this field, look into what interests you, it will also help identify a starting point to your development and career plan.

If you can provide any more information about what you want to do, what you already know, that might help people give you some more conclusive advice.


Comp Tia has some great certifications that can help, but you do need to combine them with some work experience in networking and troubleshooting positions.


Cybersecurity is a broad field, like teaching. Step 1 is to figure out what is interesting to you about cybersecurity, besides the potential paycheck. [Cyberseek](https://www.cyberseek.org/pathway.html) is one good reference for career paths.

Step 2 is to figure out how to get where you want based on your geographic flexibility, learning styles, and existing knowledge.

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