May 22, 2021

Advice on breached personal accounts

Hey all, I would like to ask for some advice. In the past few months, I’ve been hacked through a calendar spam type email. I think I accidentally pressed the link through one of the endless notifications. Afterwards, someone logged into my Instagram, Spotify, Slowly and Gmail accounts. I have an inkling of who it may be and just logged a report to my country’s government’s cybersecurity agency. I have reasons to believe these are software engineers that work in the Fintech industry of my country.

As of today, I kept receiving spam messages and is being harassed by multiple fake accounts on social media. I am considering hiring a cybersecurity specialist to look into this. I have printed records of all the interactions with these hackers and have meticulously documented everything, once I realised my privacy has been breached. I also have photos and even one video of the possible perpetrators. I too have their phone numbers and addresses, as I’m guessing they are people I know in real life.

I have already changed all my passwords and factory-reset my Iphone. I’m using a Mac so is it even possible for it to be hacked? I did lower my Mac’s security once when I was trying to use Windows 10 on it. But I have increased its security settings again. I will be sending even more emails to various government agencies for advice too. I will also be filing a police report.

Do you guys have any other advice on what else I could do to protect my my privacy? Thank you in advance.

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