May 25, 2021

Advice or suggestions for someone wanting to learn some practical computer skills?

Hello to anyone willing to open this up!
This is a slightly stacked question, so feel free to share any insight you might feel would be relevant.
I am inspiring to develop a practical computer skill.
I have two topics of interest that I am struggling to decide on what topic I should focus on the most.

The first set of skills I was looking into developing was learning how to do full stacked web development I’ve heard that they’re quite a few individuals who have successfully made a comfortable income in this field with no traditional higher education or even without the help of a bootcamp program. I personally have been dabbling in the field taking the Colt Steele Web Development course on Udemy, as well as a Zero to Hero Python Course taught by Jose Portilla. I have been enjoying the courses so far even though I do feel a little intimidated in the web development field just knowing how it is a continuously evolving field and I’m aware it will require me to have a dedication to learning the new systems that come and play as they develop.
It is a little scary but I do find fulfillment in the process of writing out the code and seeing it perform appropriately.
just a lot to take in.

Then while I was doing some research I came across the cybersecurity field. Which definitely does peak my interest a bit. What also peaks my interest is how there’s a economy claim that there’s already more cyber security work out there than there are people capable of doing the work and I came across a statistic that showed that it’s supposed to only get in more demand as time progresses. Only thing is is that I have yet to have met or communicated with anybody who has gone into cybersecurity independently without traditional higher education. So I am unaware of how accepting companies are with people who have learn the skills themselves.
I’ve read some career guides in the field stating that if you are interested in learning and starting a career in cyber security the best start is to go get your CompTIA A+ core 1 & 2 certifications and then obtain the Security+,
And then a Network+ and a Cloud+ certification along with some showable projects to prove capabilities.

So I am struggling with deciding which path should I focus the most.
I currently have two weeks off before I start a new job as a call center representative. Which I’m very excited about considering I’ve been doing logistics, warehouse grunt work for about 7 years of my life.
One of the possible opportunities I’m considering since I’m heading to a call center is possibly looking into getting my certifications CompTIA A+ core 1 & 2 to see if I could move myself up into the IT department at the call center.

I’ve always had a love for computers and grew up on a computer playing around on my own desktop at 9 years old. Even started learning HTML at that age on I never considered until I got older and wiser about developing that passion for the technology into something that could help me achieve greater things.

So my main questions are,
Do you or anyone you know independently learned any of these skills that I am talking about?
How did they organize there studies?
(I for example am trying out the Pomodoro technique with a productivity tracker)
My dream is digital nomadacy. I want to be able to work remotely as long as I have a solid computer and internet connection. Do you know anybody who has achieved this and if so what skills did they develop to make it happen?

Should I maintain a focus to get my certifications instead of dedicating to completing my python course due to the fact that where I am currently heading professionally has a IT department and with the appropriate certifications could boost my resume to obtain a promotion from where I’m currently heading?
Or should I organize my time to where I study both topics of interest?
The trick here is that I have a wife and kids and can realistically only dedicate about 20 hours to 25 hours a week maximum of studying.

These are the questions that have been fogging my brain and focus.
Any suggestions or advice will be gratefully appreciated!

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