Hello all,

This is one of the topics which I am debating the most with my peers.

Before I start a bit of background about myself. I have been in infosec for about 15 years as security analyst, pentester and the past 6 years mostly into GRC. I also have the following certs: CISSP, CISM, CISA, CEH, OSCP, Security+. To be honest I am a bit fed up with GRC so for a while I was looking into some more hands-on specialties within the infosec. Don’t want to go back to pentesting/red teaming as it has become like a magnet field, everyone trying to do those nowadays. I was thinking more like either cloud or defense.

The past year, every time we have a presentation in my company, all we hear about is cloud cloud cloud. When I talk to my peers they all say cloud is like the most complicated thing in security, I need to know so many things to be successful. Deep knowledge of cloud solutions + IAM + Networking + OS etc. Instead they tell me to just go for defense (Blue team) or if I insist on cloud to consider CCSP which is more GRC around cloud. But I don’t want to do yet another document-checking certificate. Don’t get me wrong I think that CCSP is a must and most probably I will end up doing in the next months, but I prefer more of a role where I am brought in to build the security architecture of a cloud or help a company improve the security of their existing cloud solution.

To those of you who are already working as cloud security architects: Would you recommend me to go down that road considering the above background? If yes, can you please describe a career path for me like: Recommended subjects to study, certificates, trainings, skills to buildup?

Thank you for your time and support.

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