June 4, 2021

All the recent hacking events

With all the government agencies designed to counter cyber security attacks, NSA, FBI Cyber terrorism task force, DOD assets etc, how are these hackers getting through so much security and successfully completing their tasks? Where’s all the funding going?



Those government agencies aren’t in a position to prevent and protect companies from attack, they have different missions involved at different stages of an attack. For instance, NSA is an intelligence operation primarily, their mission is to look for indications that the USA, as a nation, is under attack or being undermined by another nation-state. The FBI is a law enforcement agency, which means they get involved in crimes (the aftermath of an attack) when they are nationwide.

The reason why companies fall prey to cyberattacks comes down to pure greed. Cybersecurity is an operating cost and the higher the operating costs of a company the less bonuses and benefits directors, executives, and board members get. So, they implement the barest minimum of effort that prevents the company from being blatantly sued for not meeting due diligence and due care in protecting information. Also, there are a lot of loopholes and pay outs and insurance benefits they can take advantage of when something happens that not only reduces the cost of any damages they may incur but may also allow the leadership to still receive a pay out from government sources to “address” the issue.

In other words, companies put in the bare minimum of effort and look to others for some way to continue to earn money off the problem. This is America.


“I don’t understand while burglars keep breaking into my house. I don’t lock my doors but I’m near a bank with a really expensive vault”

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