January 11, 2021

Am I hacked?

Hi, I was wondering if I am hacked since I met this guy online through discord and I am not sure if I gave away any information that could lead me to being hacked. Can you please reply back and tell me what info would a hacker get from me in order to hack me like . IP, and others . Please tell me so I can tell you what information I can remember giving him . I know he has my IP and MAC address of computer but I am not sure if I gave him any other information by clicking a link or by message since I blocked him because I was scared at the time and all the chat we had and the links he sent me are deleted because I also deleted that discord account . I am not sure if he is a bad guy or a good guy I just assumed the worst I guess and just blocked him. I might be over exaggerating but I am not sure .
Let me conclude :
1. We played games together he sent me log in info of some of his accounts that he had and I logged into them which gave him my IP and MAC address .
2. I am not sure if I clicked on any links and if I gave away any information that could lead me to being hacked
3. He sounded like he was trying to use social engineering by being nice in order to hack me but I am not sure .
Also is it possible that he could have some sort of information about me that could hack me forever and there is nothing I could do or let’s say for example I gave him all the log in details of the routers and accounts ( which I don’t believe I did but I am not sure since you never know maybe I have clicked on something or did something else that could somehow give him these sort of details) Am I still able to recover and be 100% back to being normal assuming the worst case scenario. Thank you . And please let me know if there is something you didn’t understand.I am also worried because when I was playing this game called town of Salem , I entered a name to join a lobby and when I was launched In game my name had changed to something else , I don’t think I would forget what I had entered especially if it was so recent about 20 seconds before being launched in game. I hope someone can relate or understand.

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