May 20, 2021

An end to the “NIGHTMARISH FIRST JOB” trilogy. (EXPLOSIVE ending).

Greetings /r/cybersecurity – I bring you a finale to the highly acclaimed “NIGHTMARISH FIRST JOB” saga. We left off with me posting about the gruesome conditions of the company I was working for (harassment, abuse, batshit CEO, theft etc). The original post is below for anyone who’d like to read it.

*After posting my OP, and my follow up post a couple weeks ago, things quickly took a turn for the worst.*

With me on the verge of quitting the heat got turned up to 11 when one of our biggest clients said they wanted to leave us. The SOC had missed an alert 13 times for a breach at their company because it popped during the night when nobody was in. This was a $70000 client so CEO was NOT happy, and took it out on the analysts.

The client arranged a meeting to ask WTF the SOC was doing, and accused us of being understaffed and not having any tuning done. He was right on the money, but our CEO completely lied to his face and said we had SEVEN analysts and that we covered 24/7 – when in reality we had only FOUR analysts and only covered 8-6pm. Everyone in the SOC felt ashamed for what the CEO did but we were powerless.

I started getting more and more passive aggressive DMs from the CEO.

THEN, after I volunteered to run the ENTIRE SOC on the weekends (only one in entire building) it was revealed that the CEO was watching me through the cameras 24/7 while I was alone. This was done through an experiment I conducted. I would do odd things, like limp-walk through the halls in front of cameras and wait for the CEO to comment on it later on. It turned out he did this to EVERYONE, even on Sundays at 9pm! We checked our entire SOC for bugs because we were legit scared he was spying on us.

Finally, after the passive aggressive DMs, and one of my co-workers having a legitimate mental breakdown in the SOC because of what the CEO said to her (supervisor had to HUG HER to get her to calm down), I said ENOUGH and placed my two-week notice on CEO’s desk (he was already gone) and went home.

The next morning, I knew I was going to be sent home that day so I said my goodbyes to everyone, got people’s numbers to stay in touch ETC. I got a DM from my boss that said “Come into my office.” I stood up, gave a salute to the SOC and bowed.

As I walked towards the CEO’s office, people were solemn. They knew what was about to happen.

As I walked into the CEO’s office, his wife and him were both standing there.

The CEO looked me in the eyes and said “I’ve NEVER seen an employee RUIN a company as much as you have. NEVER.” (This company has grown OVER 200% since I started here.) He held up my resignation letter and said “See this? I don’t give a F-K about this – you’re FIRED! Give me your badge and get the hell out NOW.” I didn’t even get to grab my few personal items from the SOC as he walked me out.

*As I was walking out, his wife the HR MANAGER looked at me and said “F-Tard!” I replied “That wasn’t very nice.” So she yelled “I’LL CALL THE COPS ON YOU, DON’T THINK I WON’T!”*

The CEO met back up with me in the exterior and said “Do not put [company] on your resume. You’re fired.” and slammed the door.

You might think I’m full of shit, but luckily I *recorded it* :)

I feel mixed emotions. I’m glad I’m out of that environment but at the same time I’m disappointed that my first real job turned out this way. I still have yet to find a replacement job as all the leads (including ones kind redditors sent my way) ended up with me being ghosted.

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