January 10, 2021

Android (Nokia 6.1) forensic investigation

Hello, I’m sure this question has been answered previously, but as I’m aware the outcome is subject to so many different factors. I would like answers to my specific situation, if anyone has the knowledge to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

( Hypothetically )

My house was raided by met police last year. I was arrested and then released as no illegal substances were found at my property, but my phone (Nokia 6.1) was taken to undergo a forensic examination, as they have suspicion the device was used to distribute drugs. I’m hoping to gain insight on how successful the forensic search will be.

The device was a Nokia 6.1, with android one version 9 or 10. I regularly deleted and factory reset the device, never backing up any of the data with google. I always deleted and created new google accounts with every factory reset and used different passcodes every time (after some factory resets I stupidly never set a user passcode, but I mostly did) The device was encrypted by default, utilising file based encryption I think (correct me if I’m wrong) it was 32gb and the factory reset used 45% of the internal memory.

I’m concerned as I’m not sure if the device was protected with a passcode at the time as it was not in working order when taken by the police.

Will any of my data be retrievable after an encrypted factory reset? How likely are they to gain access to my device and retrieve deleted images/ videos/ social media data?

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