Hey guys need some advice. I looked up the address in the title and a post from here was the first thing that came up. It was fairly recent so I assumed it was a fairly widespread thing. My mom got her password stolen. Normally that’s not a big deal, just ignore the email and change the password. However, my mom used the same password for virtually every one of her accounts. About a week ago we got a ton of notifications saying we have been signed out of our account and the password has been changed. I wanted y ‘all’s help in retrieving all of our accounts. I mean he got it all, Amazon, Walmart, Target, hell, he had the audacity to take our Netflix, Starbucks, and our Delta Airlines accounts. I understand most of what he said is just blown smoke but I was wanting to know just how much he is lying about. Of course I would like to think my mom wasn’t on a shady adult website and he obviously doesn’t have a video of her “watching” it, but does he actually have access to the device’s camera, screen, contacts. (also kinda comical he made the sent date of the ransom email 10/30/2022, Halloween eve of next year)

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  • EndangeredPootis

    October 29, 2021

    The reason she got the email was the same reason all her accounts was compromised, the password was part of an databreach, and this is a common tactic, scammers use it to try scare people into giving them money when in reality they just got it from a databreach, and if they were telling the truth they would be able to prove it, which they cant.


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