Some examples of problems from the Webroot community about trying to install another AV instead of using Defender on Windows 11 from this link:


*Upon the the installation of Webroot, Windows Defender in 2021 “should” turn off the active scanning. Windows Defender is still active, but basically the AV “engine” is disabled. I can’t explain the behavior of Windows Defender your clients are experiencing, because it is not the norm.*

*There have now been reports of people who upgrade to Windows 11, that their security products are being removed by the OS. Another local MSP is having their McAfee product removed from endpoints and also ThreatLocker in their community is reporting issues with their product being removed.* 


***Two issues:***

1. *With Webroot + Windows Defender enabled, Windows Defender is still actively scanning data in real-time.  I ran a test and saw the Microsoft Anti-Malware service spike up to 30-40% CPU usage.  Webroot is installed and functioning correctly, but Webroot doesn’t seem tell Windows Defender to turn off. I have a registry hack to force Windows Defender off, but I’d rather not apply that unless I have to.*
2. *In addition, if I disable “Real-time Protection” in Windows Defender, I get a toast message that says that Windows Defender & Webroot are both disabled, even though Webroot is actually enabled.*

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