I posted earlier today only to get immediately shot down. I was asking about Fullstack Academy vs a BS/masters in cybersecurity which path is better? I could not find the exact answer i was looking for in the FAQ. Im leaning towards the actual degree but ive seen many colleges offering the fullstack option. An actual answer would be nice since im in the cybersecurity subreddit.. a little background on me.. and i know some/all of this doesnt apply to anything cybersecurity but ive been a pc gamer for the past 30 years. I have built numerous desktops. I have troubleshot many years worth of my family, friends, coworkers computers/virus/networking issues. I am everything techy except for the piece of paper that says i paid way to much money for said piece of paper known as a degree.

I am merely looking for some real world advice before i let the college tell me what they think i should do. Thank you

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  • lawtechie

    November 18, 2021

    I think you should keep doing bootcamps until you get the career you want. Price be damned.

  • flysquirrell

    November 18, 2021

    its going to boil down to what the employer wants. Generally they want you to have a piece of paper that shows you understand the basics of what you are talking about.

    I do not know what the fullstack academy is, but I do know that employers see certifications (certain ones) and appreciate those over a BS. I have AS/BS/MS all in cyber security the AS/BS were really the 1″ deep mile wide aspect, the MS was more focused on Cyber security management and gave me CEH and Forensics Investigator certs ( yeah CEH isnt the best but it came with the MS).

    I would 1st figure out what type of job you want in cyber security, its a large field. Are you looking to be hands on, management, offensive, defensive etc. Reach out to the companies you want to work for and talk with HR and see what they look for in candidates, try to find people that worked or work for the company see if they will answer a few questions, some people on Linkdin are open to respond.

    When I went for my degrees I went after the ones that I wanted to do, penTesting related and looked for those programs/degrees/certs etc.

    Hopefully some of my rabbling’s were helpful


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