May 22, 2021

Application Security Engineer Roadmap

Hey everyone, i wanted to ask if anyone knows what is the best way to become an application security engineer.

I am gonna start a coding Bootcamp this summer in Backend and Java coding. After that i want to work and in the meantime start to get the required education to get said position because it seems extremely interesting to me.

However, even tho i noticed that there is quite a few job listings there isnt a whole lot of talk about the way to get there. Most advice seem to be companies trying to shill their new and not populated certs and i’m not sure if thats really reliable.

The only interesting thing i’ve seen was the “software dev security” path that got posted here on the cybersecurity reddit a few months ago. (v7 security certification progression chart).

Now i know those roadmaps are just a referencepoint but i did inform myself because as said it was the only “trustworthy” plan i could find. But even on there a lot of certs are quite obscure to me. Like the certified software security tester by a company called gaqm (never heard of those ever before, and there is absolutely no information to be found anywhere)

Now, to the main point, does anyone have any idea how an average joe like me can break into this industry? I am highly motivated and willing to pick up a good number of certs, and invest a whole lot of time. Any help is much appreciated cause i’m kind of at my Wits end.

Also, sorry for any inconsistencies in my english, i’m from Germany :)

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