September 9, 2021

Appropriate Job Title/Trajectory for Cyber Leader

I’m a cybersecurity consultant with experience as a SOC analyst, threat intelligence analyst, incident response analyst, risk/compliance assessor, strategist, product ownership(agile), and project/program mgt leadership. I’ve also worked in the ICS side of the house. On top of client delivery, I handle a lot of work in the corporate side for my consulting org like talent acquisition, business development, and helping lead the Operational side of the client account I’m on. A few years back, I was on track to be a pentester. To stay in my organization, I took on more of a cyber SME/Leadership role which helped me jump to new heights. However, it’s led to my experience being less focused. After recently being contacted by a recruiter for a role in cyber and interviewing for practice, I came to some realizations:

1. In my current client delivery role alone (prob 70% of my time), I should make 20% more per year. This means that those performing just that singular role make that much more than I do.
2. I’m currently handling much more task wise than I’m being paid for.
3. I’m having a hard time titling myself on my resume and on LinkedIn to my range of experience. I also know titling in this industry is screwed up.
4. I would like to most likely pursue a new role in early to late 2022, but need to figure out what I am exactly. Wondering if an Executive title is too arrogant?

I have almost 12 years of experience, which made me wonder if that’s long enough to be considered for an executive role. I ultimately want to grow the cyber side of a business and lead those performing the functional work. I have experience in the trenches doing the grunt work, so I have a better understanding than some who skip right to a mgt role.

Questions: What should my title be? Does executive level work require more yrs of experience? Should I target another type of leadership role? Are you or is someone in your organization doing similar work?

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