April 30, 2021

Are our phones secretly spying on everything we say?

The other day I had a conversation with a friend who came to visit me. My iPhone was lying on my desk. We were talking about various things and I happen to mention that I chipped my tooth and should visit a dentist. When she left, I check the mobile… and immediately saw some ads for dental care products. Coincidence?

Did something similar happen to you?

It inspired me to investigate and there are no clear answers. I’m working on a study about this phenomenon and I could use your opinion on the matter.

Are our phones secretly spying on everything we say?

[**Here is a survey.**](https://tidiosurveys.typeform.com/to/GkncDehB)

There are some follow-up questions but it takes about 5 minutes on average. Once you submit your answers, it will give you your “paranoia” score.

I would really appreciate your help.



Something similar happened for me regarding contact lenses. I haven’t googled anything on that matter, I just discussed the idea with my SO on the call via messenger, and after some time I get ads for contacts.


Yep. Few months back I was talking about adopting a dog. And my phone started showing adds for dog foods.


Yes I had the exact same thing happen I was talking about an ex who was a dentist & not long after I was getting ads for dental surgeries


I believe its been conclusively proven that this isn’t the case so saying the answer isn’t clear is willfully ignoring the evidence in favour of spurious claims

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