July 21, 2021

Are there any good “day in the life” videos out there for anyone wanting to see what a Cybersecurity specialist does?

I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube that were “sort’ve” showed this, but they were VERY vague, like “Cybersecurity Professionals employ various tools to stop Hackers” vague, so it really gave you no sense of the workflow, preferred skill sets, etc. Maybe I’m not finding the right video (YouTube shows different results for everyone)…..I’m a first Year Cyber security student at a community college, I’m older (late forties), and most of my experience with computers comes from the troubleshooting and repair (hardware) side, Other than setting up OS’s and using Microsoft Office and an above average knowledge of Windows, my experience in coding/programming/etc. is limited.

The thing is, the computer classes through a bunch of information at you (like subnetting) or the OSI model, but it’s hard to put it all together to see how it would relate to my job so it doesn’t “stick” in my mind, I know I need to know this stuff but it’s like my brain needs to see where it fits in the big picture before it will devote resources to retaining it…..so this is both a request and a clunky way of asking for advice.



First off, congrats on the mid life career change. It’s never too late to learn something new. (Especially at our age!) Trust me when I say that it will serve you very well to master the OSI model, what I like to call the “stack”. In a broad sense, you have to know what’s going on with the 1s and 0s at all time as in, where they are in the stack and what they should be doing. Subnetting sucks, but it’s crucial when applying least privilege controls. I’m always happy to deep dive on any subject. Just ask! Again, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck on your new journey.

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