July 22, 2021

At what point do you think age starts affecting new applicants to IT and cyber security?

I’m 32 with no IT experience but finally wanted to make the jump in. Something I’ve wanted to do but got complacent in the fields I was in. Now an opportunity has showed up to try and make my way in and wanted to hear if you thought when age might become an issue.



I’d not say age is an issue if there’s a will to learn and show your enthusiasm that will really bring results.
I started in my late 20s, more towards 30s and didn’t see any issues because I really wanted in for a long time, just life happened differently. I, of course, had a huge disadvantage but if I may say so and not get hate, believe I made faster and better progress than some of our younger ones or older ones who just stopped learning.
I studied outside of the job a lot and still do, got certified and the learning is never really stopping.
So I’d say, age is not an issue as long as you’re willing to learn daily. Talking fully from my own experience and personal opinion.
Good luck.


Age should never affect new applicants, only their knowledge and skills. If you ever feel you’ve not been hired because of your age instead of an equally or less qualified candidate call a lawyer because age is a protected class, in the US at least. But moreover, it’s never too late to make the switch.

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