September 11, 2021

Become better

Hey guys, I done a cyber security PT course and also learn reverse engineering and exploit dev.
I am still feel noob in the topic, when i need to solve a google ctf or htb machine it seems to me that I just don’t have enough skills and knowledge.
Who to become stronger? Where to learn? Who I could be good enough for solve htb box or ctf on web/reversing/pwn.
My main question is who to become from beginner in cybersecurity to a pro?

Thanks anyway!



My personal experience isn’t too unique for a few people: Work your way up through technology. Learn all you can, try to bake security into everything. As helpdesk, learn how and why users got infected or fell for a phishing attempt.

As I grew, I learned about infrastructure, performing tasks like hardening servers, how firewalls work, and even dabbled in “grey hat” hacking.

In my more recent years, I saw a need in my company and began pushing IT security in my environment, reaching out to mentors for suggestions.


Long and short, it’s a growth process and a journey, one hell of a journey to say the least. And IMO, well worth the headaches.


I am more curious how can you miss spell “how” into “who” 3 times.

Anyway, learn and practice, put your attention into details and wait for your experiences to grow enough.

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