May 13, 2021

Best places to live for Cyber security

This is a bit of a long one. So currently I work for AWS as a Data center tech. I love the company but would like to see myself down the road working in Cyber Security. So, I’ve been studying towards getting my Net+ Cert and then shortly after my Security+. I was wondering if this would be enough though to even get into the security sector. From what I’ve been hearing, there really isn’t an entry level cyber security job, so I was wondering how does one get into that sector then? I was going to go the Navy CTN route, got 88 on my ASVAB, and scored into CTN but just never went through with it due to it being a 6 year contract. Now to the original question, what are good areas for tech jobs. My interest points are but not limited to Seattle WA, San Antonio or Dallas/Fort worth Texas. Either one would be a big move for me and want to know which area has the best opportunities to enter the cyber security sector.



Tbh Washington DC. Hands down cyber hub with all gov contracts. Next any tech hub will do for that. Plus remote work, some will hire any where


First, I would challenge the notion that there’s not an entry level cyber position- there are. Being a level one analyst for a SOC requires little skill and experience, but allows you to get your toes wet if that’s where you want to be.

Second, what part of cyber security interests you? There’s too much in cybersecurity to just be “cybersecurity” guy. Do you want to be red team/blue team? Audit/Compliance? Architecture/Engineering? Product development? There’s all sorts of paths and they all require their own skill sets.

As for good places, you’ve got access to two of the largest organizations which deal with security at scale in your neighborhood: Amazon and Microsoft. In fact, my experience with larger companies is that they love to move people around internally if they meet the company’s expectations. Look at internal postings at Amazon and even reach out to a hiring manager if you’re able. I have helped people get into cyber security by networking them within a company.

Finally, I wouldn’t necessarily move right now to get a job unless you need to move. Many companies are considering remote work full time, and the ones that require in person might be willing to help with moving costs. The markets for rentals and homes are nuts right now as people are transitioning through covid.

In summation, do the following in order:

1. Figure out what about Cyber interests you.
2. Learn about the determined areas, try to get some kind of experience through a home lab, certification, etc.
3. Determine if there is a role/place in your current company that puts you close to the desired direction (there are 7 open reqs for security engineers in Seattle right now)
4. If you are unable to find a position in your area, identify companies that provide the opportunities you are looking for and apply for them.
5. Negotiate relocation/remote work and delay incurring moving costs until you absolutely need to.

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