Let’s imagine that i’m living in some pretty totalitarian country that loves stick a mop into your ass and doing 360° no scope on it for having wrong opinion from government’s one. So, to privacy myself at least some way i use a vpn service.

As windows 11 released, i upgraded to it with a clear install. Previously, I had a decent antivirus, but with a catch. Company that makes this antivirus is from the same country that i am. So i decided to switch my antivirus to something foreign. BitDefender caught my eye for pretty good viruses detection in various youtube videos. So i decided to install this antivirus on new clean system. Everything was going good until yesterday (and today).

So im using social media which made in my country and of course using vpn for an year now. Yesterday i noticed that website was telling me that i logged in from ((My country)i will mark that now like this), i thought that because i forgot to turn some vpn setting which included time warp. And the website doesnt know my real ip adress actually (i was wrong). I deleted cookies and reopened tab, and site again was thinking im from (vpn country). So i decided to forget about this.

Today i went again into website settings and it again was saying that im from (my country). I was blaming vpn extension on firefox. So i installed vpn client on windows. I enabled vpn on both browser and windows and it went double hop mode. Then i log in again… and its says that im from (my country). Okay. I switched to edge, pure and clean with windows vpn client enabled. And its once again was saying that im from (my country)

I understood that the problem with pc itself, not network or browser. I enabled windows safe boot option with network drivers. After system loaded, i opened firefox, opened website, opened settings, and it was saying that im from (vpn country).

I started to search for apps that may cause that problem. The first thought was that it bitdefender, since none of my software was causing this problem before on windows 10. I deleted it, rebooted. And website was finally saying that im from (vpn country).
I searched for problem and found this post on reddit ” [https://www.reddit.com/r/BitDefender/comments/m51rhe/bitdefender_causes_dns_leaks/](https://www.reddit.com/r/BitDefender/comments/m51rhe/bitdefender_causes_dns_leaks/) “. Every other site was talking about BitDefender **VPN** dns/webRTC leaking, and not antivirus itself. Unfortunately i havent checked for dns leaking, and now when i reinstalled antivirus this problem gone (probably not for forever, but i dont want to use this anymore).

Apparently it manages somehow to leak your ip addres and dns for sites regardless of how many vpn’s you’re using. (and probably not a good thing just for an average user)

Also its installed shit that i dont want to see actually on my computer. For example their vpn (that leaks everything just by default) (and after reinstall i cant delete it now)

+ after deletion it keeps a lot of trash. It’s even running in the background right now, AFTER I UNINSTALLED IT

Bitdefender Agent (32 bit) and Bitdefender redline update (32 bit) in task manager

Im literally going to reinstall windows because of it.

So in total. It delivers a good virus protection, it leaks everything about you in network, and it installs a lot of garbage which you cant even delete.

If you’re not trying hide from someone, it probably a good antivirus, buuuuut im going switch to another one.

P.S I dont have troubles with the law, but additional safety wouldn’t hurt
P.S.S Im not native English speaker, so im trying my best at grammar and everything.

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