April 27, 2021

Building a secure system from the ground up, base OS, file storage? Pros & Cons.

I am looking for some opinions on pros & cons of various software setups for both online & hardware security, in hopes of designing a secure system & understanding inherent flaws, or OTT/redundant practice.

First is base OS. I understand a linux base OS should be a good start, Qubes is built with security in mind, but i like the look of Garuda Arch. Would running a security centric OS such as Qubes as main OS & running for ex, Garuda for Tor surfing, Windows for safe surfing, youtube, facebook ie, simultaneously pose a threat? If so, would running one of the VM’s via usb mitigate this in any way? I imagine running Kali inside Windows for ex is flawed yet lot of people seem to have no issue doing this.

File storage…. how should sensitive files be stored, on a encrypted microsd & carried? This could be programmed to wipe itself if bruted (could be physically taken) On a cloud server? (could be intercepted) Somehow stored on the internal drive & further hardened? (could be cracked).

I am not looking to be spoonfed, though all information is conflicted, and what some people see as bad practice seems to be accepted by some, while what seems a minima, seems overkill to others. Of course this all depends on personal circumstance & there will be some convenience/security trade-off.

If possible i’d like to hear opinions on how best to most conveniently/safely separate activities & protect files & hardware.

Sorry this post is not up-to scratch here, but i’d like to hear some solid opinions here, & most of you seem to be worth your salt here.

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