June 8, 2021

Can Hackers Encrypt Already Encrypted Data?

Let’s say a hacker infiltrates and wants to encrypt data for a ransom.

What happens if that data is already encrypted? Can they encrypt it twice?



You can encrypt data any number of times, there can be multiple layers of encryption, it’s all just binary information to the cipher. Encrypting data does not prevent anything from being re-encrypted.


Um, sure you can?

Proof: Take any document. 7-zip it with AES 256 encryption. Take the resulting .zip file, and 7-zip it with a different password and again AES 256 encryption.

Now, unzip both archives. Your data is fine.

Further Proof: News.


Yes they can


sure…encrypted data is still data.

It can be encrypted and encrypted over and over if you wanted to.


That’s actually prohibited by international law.

When you try to encrypt encrypted data, it generates what is known a ‘Brown Streak’ effect. It’s named after the famous scientist B.M. Brown who discovered it.

It basically completely corrupts the data and gets into a endless loop which will eventually damage hardware.

Most nation states have sophisticated ‘Brown Streak’ kill codes that they have shelved because they are so damaging.

Once a new war breaks out, you can guarantee that nations will start using them.

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