I have ADA accommodations for my schizoaffective disorder and debilitating autoimmune arthritis (that is treated with heavy-duty meds). My biggest concern is working on-call with such conditions, as you can imagine a flare or episode is very unpredictable. I currently work in Desktop Support (MSP) and have accommodations to work remotely as-needed and two ADA-related days/half days a month when in a flare/episode. I do not work on-calls.

I’ve been wanting to get into Cybersecurity for a few years now after much consideration, and currently working through certs. However, I am deeply concerned about switching to a 24/7 week on-call.

I’m sure I can manage weekends on-call and just push through. But a whole week? I could fall into a flare at ANY time, or be not in the mental state to properly work. Mental episodes can happen at any time, but my arthritis is typically worse in the morning hours/as I’m being woken up.

Is anyone currently in this situation? How manageable is it/are there any accommodations that can make it manageable (i.e if the response time is 1 hour but you need 1.5 hours?) What options are available for people like me? I feel no on-call whatsoever (outside of a 24×7 SOC with either full hour coverage or offshored techs) severely limits my movement into the field I’ve been wanting to get into.

**TLDR**: I suffer from two conditions that makes working on-call very unpredictable for me and I am greatly worried about getting into a situation that may not work out. Are there any leniency that can be taken, or perhaps any blue-team related positions that are a typical schedule without on-call? Weekend/nights doesn’t bother me, but to prep for a call at any time, any day of that week AND be medically capable to do so scares me.

Other points about working into the field with a mental/physical disability would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you.

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