April 24, 2021

Can I hire an ethical hacker to help me pursue an online injustice?

Basically this guy was supposed to sell me a game account, he got the 200 USD and never replied back, I paid through PayPal, and was dumb enough to choose friends and family.

Is there anything I can do via cybersecurity specialists or ethical hackers?



I don’t think it would be very ethical of them to hack an unwilling participant, you could report to law enforcement, hopefully you have all your conversations saved, but still probably little will come from it. At worst it was an expensive lesson.


No. That actually sounds very illegal on both of your parts.

Just send a fraud claim to your credit card company. Freeze it in the meantime. Also this should teach you a valuable lesson for giving strangers money.


Also most game companies forbid account selling in their Terms & Conditions, so I don’t think you would have any chance in court. You may have just gifted somebody 200 dollars. Only chance, as said from others, would to take it as a false / unauthorized payment, freeze your bank account, get the money back. If you want your money back, and the other person rejects you could (?) also have a chance in court. Hiring an hacker would be a terrible idea, since you have no legal basis for this.

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