April 2, 2021

Can site owners connect your IP address to other websites they don’t own?

Hi all,

I’m not super tech savvy but I was just trying to find an answer on something and learn. A few weeks ago I got into a heated argument with one of the site owners on a blog, having a conversation back and fourth in their comments. they were the admin / owner and got nasty with me, saying they would track me everywhere and got me scared.

Is this even possible? I never gave them a real name / info. Do they have my IP address from their own website, and if they do, does it really matter in the long run? The reason I ask is cause I own a Youtube channel, Twitter, and stuff like that, but I didn’t know if they can take my IP address or whatever info they had from their blog website, and actually track it to my professional stuff like YT.

I’m guessing nothing will come of it but figured I’d ask since I don’t really know much about security stuff. I have a WPA2 connection with a modem / route. The person just had me worried and I just wasn’t sure how much info they could get from a IP address, and if they can follow that to every place I go to or site I work on.

(EDIT: Also I would never go back to that site if that helps any).



Do they have your IP: Only if you ever visited their severs (i.e. Their hosted content) without a VPN. So yes.

They can now get to your modem but should be password protected. Additionally they can try to be annoying by reporting that IP which may get you kicked off some sites that use stupid “security” where it just checks blacklists, but most have moved away from that in the age of botnets and vpns.

Add to that you lost likely have a dynamic IP address that gets recycled every so often, your IP address will be different in a few days/weeks/etc.

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