September 14, 2021

Can somebody be track your phone?

A couple months ago my boyfriend and I were searching for short term leases on Facebook and found an apartment that seemed too good to be true.

The person advertising short term leasing gave me the phone number of the “landlord” and said I should reach out to him about this apartment. I reached out to this number via text and could tell right away that it was a scam(the apartment ended up actually being a property of a leasing agency). I stopped contacting this person but they continued to try to call me and text me every now and then. I blocked them.

Fast forward to today…I received a WhatsApp message from the guy using a different phone number (same area code and same creepy text) as soon as I entered my apartment after dropping my boyfriend off at the airport.

It really seems more than just a strange coincidence. Maybe I am just being super paranoid, but it’s weird that the guy suddenly contacts me through WhatsApp (and not iMessage). The timing really makes me worry.

Also, I’ve been having recent problems with me new iPhone. It’s super slow, apps close randomly as I am using them, and I always have poor connection while on the phone or on FaceTime.

Can someone track my location and my phone activity if they only have my phone number?



No. Unless the landlord is actually the NSA and your boyfriend is a spy. Then Yes.

Just reset the phone to factory if you are worried anyway. Its an option to do a full wipe in settings.

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