March 27, 2021

Can someone find your name, email, social handles, and other personal information from your IP address?

Basically I go on a chatsite and pretty sure some people can easily get your IP address.

Was wondering if anyone can find out personal information about me? Like my name and social media and other stuff.

I’m not worried about the location cause I live in a different country than my the people I interact with on there.

Any chances they can find out my real name and stuff? One of the guys I’m friends there is a HACKER😩

Or are there any other ways by which someone can find out my personal information? I’d like to know.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: I’m careful bout not clicking weird links.

Edit: also my account there is made with a fake email, I haven’t given any personal information like email or phone number to anyone there and I recently started using vpn (well not when I made the account, I should have I guess)



At best they can know your approximate geographic location. PII is not tied to an IP address.


There are many ways to obtain information on you through networks. But your public IP alone only gives a basic information about where you are. (And even that is not always correct). That is because the IP ranges are split up between regions of the world and then further to different providers. That means with your public IP I can maybe say you are for example in southern europe and your ISP is X. The ISP won’t have openly available info about who has which public IP and also with many private contracts the IP can change from time to time. Off course I can try and check if something responds on your public IP and maybe get more information that way. But your profile and other metadata is way better for that than your IP alone.

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