August 30, 2021

Can someone frame me with my name and pictures? Would police be able to track down whoever made the profile???

I received a phishing link via text message from my bank the message appeared in the same line of messages as previous legitimate messages from my bank I opened the website and had it open for a good 15 minutes because it was identical to my bank website, i entered my log in details but got my login details changed and no money was taken but I’m more afraid of the spyware, I was told by someone at my bank the link could’ve contained spyware (they didn’t check the link or my phone they just said it was possible), I’m worried someone might sell my information on the dark web as I read from some Google searches thats what they do, I had nudes on my phone, I’m worried some weirdo may set up a fake profile with my name and picture and speak to underaged children so that their crime would link back to me and cover their tracks. I’ve been anxious for weeks about this, in this scenario would police be able to track where the fake profile was set up or would I be imprisoned because someone set up a fake profile in my name with my pictures is this possible? My mother and sister tell me im being paranoid i tried reporting it to the police but since no crime has occurred yet they can’t do anything. If this scenario were to happen would police be able to prove me innocent by scanning my devices or could they figure out who made the fake profile? I feel like they couldn’t with VPN’s nowadays



They could certainly sell your personal information or set up a fake account using your information. However framing you for something would be far more difficult since there would be nothing in your devices linking you to it


you are missing info buddy …

1st of all dont worry as long as you reported it whatever criminal activity occurs in the future you are covered you have solid evidence for court so don’t worry

2nd you checked the link from your PC or your phone ? if phone android or IOS ? its kinda hard to have a rootkit meaning the culprit to have access and transfer data from your device just from a phising link , did you download or opened any file? pdf,jpeg etc? if no its very unlikely

obviously they got your banking creds but other than that you should be fine. dont worry it takes effort for someone to do that sort of things fake ID etc. so if you are not a target or something personal , it is probably just an automated script parsing username and passwords to the command & control of the hacker… just make sure your devices are clean with some commercial software

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