May 1, 2021

Can someone help lay out a progression plan? It’s hard to know where to start

I am comfortable with computers and can fumble my way through and fix mostly any problem on Linux systems by reading wikis/asking questions etc.

I’m looking at doing a degree in cyber security and as part of my due diligence i am watching videos, reading forums etc.

Every time i watch a new video something else comes up and i’m like aw shit! I’ve gotta learn that too.

You watch a vid on bash and then suddenly you figure you have to learn networking. Then someone mentions cloud and you figure you have to learn that. Then someone mentions scripting and you have to learn that.

So my question is is there a base level one should attain in order to do a cyber security degree successfully before branching out?

Like is there a structured course of ‘basics’ covering all key areas or something? I know CompTIA do a basics course and an A course which seems to cover a broad base, but on my own in my spare time what should i be concentrating on so that i can get a well-rounded view of how cyber security works and make sure i’m not missing any fundamentals? I don’t want to get out of a degree and find out i’ve overlooked fundamentals.

I am someone who knows very little about security at present so go easy on me.

Thanks in advance.

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