April 21, 2021

Can someone please explain this. I received an email from forms-receipts no-reply at google dot com. The content was in Russian so i translated it to English. It automatically came in the spam folder when I was checking spam today. It is something about money transaction. Please advise.

The content of the mail after translation states as

💵 + 59 899RUB, transfer of the amount to your personal bank. score. ID – 993445 Thank you for filling out the form 💵 + 59 899RUB, transferring the amount to your personal bank. score. ID – 993445!

Your answer: 💵 + 59 899RUB, transfer of the amount to your personal bank. score. ID – 993445

🎫Amount: specified in the title Status: Executed Authorization code: 34889yQ9pL876 Sender: MASTERCARD **** 5368 Recipient: Not specified To receive payment, click the link below
(here a link was given which malwarebytes blocked as trojan warning) Email Address *

Then below there were two google forms containing weird forms of event form asking name contact info etc..

Please Tell is this a google form scam as i saw similar on google community.



It’s spam/scam.

Ignore anything to do with money or recipts or order confirmations etc. unless they actually show you your details.
Even then, there’s scams going aroudn where they show you your own (old) password they’ve obtained from data breaches.

Don’t worry.

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