January 19, 2021

Can women make it in this field?

Hi all,

Im a 29 year-old female and I currently work as a paralegal in supplier contracting, and before this I worked as a paralegal in a special education firm. I just graduated from community college with my associates in criminal justice. During my forensics class, we had a unit on cyber security / digital forensics and I took a huge interest in this chapter. I then decided to enroll at a four-year college for cyber security and I’m excited about it!

Until now. This guy I vaguely know from my hometown just told me that I’ll never make it in the field. He works at Microsoft and said that he works with less than five women in the whole company, and the women he works with are “hardcore lesbians.” He also said I’m too old at 29 to start this journey and that I should have gone to school For this ten years ago. And lastly he said that women don’t have the work ethic for these kinds of jobs and that I should cut my losses now and go to school for management instead.

I’ve never considered my gender a fallback and have always pushed through and succeeded in anything I have ever wanted to accomplish. In the past I’ve worked 60 hours weeks to make it on my own. Even now, I work full time and go to night school. I’ve been doing that for over three years straight now. My gpa last semester was a 4.0. I know I have a strong work ethic and I’m proud of all the progress I’ve made.

Part of me says to ignore this asshole and keep going as long as I feel a passion, and the other is saying he knows what he’s talking about because he’s been in the computer field so long. I’m feeling pretty defeated and now am doubting my choice to go to school for cyber.

Any insights are welcome. Thank you.



That guy sounds toxic as fuck… I definitely wouldn’t listen to anything he says.

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