July 10, 2021

Career Crossroad

Hi everyone,

I’m writing here because I’m unexpectedly facing a difficult career choice. I have worked in Cybersec for some years, both on the offensive and defensive side and I do like what I’ve done so far (technical roles). However, I’ve just received an offer that would represent a **huge** step forward in terms salary, something that I’ll hardly find again, it will be focused on the following areas:

1. maintain the security technical baseline (policies, requirements, concepts of operations);
2. perform and maintain traceability of the security technical baseline to project requirements;
3. support the Cyber Security Manager in the flow down of the security baseline in procurement projects;
4. manage and monitor the implementation of the security technical baseline in procurement projects;
5. participate in project reviews, focusing on aspects related to the security technical baseline;
6. report to the Cyber Security Manager;
7. provide support to the Cyber Security Manager on any other tasks under its responsibility, including vulnerability tracking and mitigation.

My main concern is that since it won’t be a technical work, I’m afraid of losing my skills and which kind of positions/career paths I might follow for a subsequent job change after some years. Could this maybe be a good starting point for becoming a Cyber Security Manager?



That JD already sounds like a security manager other than the fact you are reporting to the security manager instead of a VP or CISO.

I’d never turn down a job with significantly more money. At the very least, the additional money could afford you to take additional technical trainings and such you may not other wise be afforded to take.

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