May 26, 2021

Career Transition Advice

Short Bio: Canadian born in the early 90s, loved computers growing up, knowledge is very broad–not so much deep. E.g. many domains in computing I have some semblance of understanding and awareness, but none to a professional level: web dev, data pipelining (via AWS), CI/CD, AI/ML, Python, command line stuff, media processing, networking, etc. I have an Economics degree, my career trajectory landed me on the white collar side of contracts and capital projects estimation in mechanical (more exposure to how machines integrate with computers) and civil construction. Following this I earned my PMP (Project Management Professional) and now find myself as a partner in a company that is doing field deployments of bitcoin mining operations which capture off-grid energy sources (field gas).

Recently I’ve been finding myself slipping deep inside the rabbit hole of cyber security, playing around with VMs (Kali, CentOS), watching YouTube content, Darknet Diaries,, etc. And I love it. The two stories that really sunk their teeth into me were Stuxnet and Xbox underground. I’m beginning to seriously consider doing a proper career transition into the cyber security, and although I am not fully aware of all the sub-domains yet, the areas that interest me on a superficial level are Telecoms/Network Security and Malware Analysis (or RE stuff, I love learning how people do their thing).

So, I’m emotionally mature enough to understand that strong fundamentals are important, even if not the most exciting. My plan was to obtain Network+ (maybe also CCNA?), Security+, and RHCSA, but also work through TryHackMe / HackTheBox. After that, I’m not quite sure–I’m actually not even sure if this is a good plan, and I’m not sure how long this will take. But after that, I’m wondering how to even properly break into the industry and convince even one person ‘yeah I’m not a PMP in Construction/Ops anymore, I’m committed to CyberSec.’ Because the PMP and Construction related stuff is a very tough branding to distance from, but I also can’t tell people I have been a ghost for the last 10 years.

Thanks for listening. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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