I see a lot of chatter about the security+ = the CEH. That’s is very far from from the truth. If someone only has security+ level of knowledge, and attempts the CEH they would fail pretty badly.

CEHv11 goes way more in-depth with the specifics of things such as web application attacks, cloud attacks, IoT/OT Attacks, various tools, etc. than the security+ covers. For example if you don’t know nmap syntax and options very well you are definitely failing the CEH.

They are both theory based tests, but security+ is surface level theory, and the CEH is a little more comprehensive. Both are inferior to actual practical assessments such as OSCP, OSWE, CEH Practical, etc.

Just wanted to throw this out there since there seems to be a lot of misinformation causing misguided souls to spend thousands on the CEH, failing it, then wondering why.

And yes I have both certs

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  • Ironfox2151

    November 4, 2021

    Where would you place something like CySa+ then?

  • TypicalSeminole

    November 4, 2021

    CEH is a purely multiple choice test run by a trash company. The only saving grace of the cert is non-technical HR folks read the name and think it sounds 1337


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