September 22, 2021

Chaos based encryption dissertation

Hi there, I am a student going into my final year of my Undergraduate in Cybersecurity and Forensics, I was struggling for an idea of an area for research and talked with my supervisor regarding potential options for a topic, he has published many papers on both Machine Learning for IDS and Chaos Based Encryption, I have little experience in this field but my supervisor has suggested this as a potential topic, is Chaos Based Encryption a difficult subject to understand? Should I go ahead with it or should I focus on one potential idea I had in malware analysis, even though my supervisor said that it may be hard to expand this into a fully fledged dissertation?




For the chaos-based encryption, check out r/crypto or r/cryptography. A solid understanding of dynamical systems is important. I will say that chaos-based crypto does have a _tinge_ of a reputation from people whose specialities are outside of crypto claiming to have essentially solved/revolutionized the field. People are generally open-minded but you will absolutely want to make sure you understand what the expectations are in the field when judging what qualifies as a finding/invention (as is true for any cross-disciplinary work).

Automated malware analysis has lots left to explore. I don’t think you’ll have much trouble coming up with good questions here. ML-based IDS similarly has a lot of room to explore. If you go with something your advisor had experience in, there’s the obvious benefit/risk of a pre-cooked resource for you to turn to.

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