October 29, 2020

Chasing Ransomware Actors

I am a semi-techy (BS Comp Sci, BS Chem Engg), software engineering background. Rudimentary or dated Network, Network Engineering, OS, Crypto, ASM, knowledge. Moved to the dark side – PM a while back…

I understand the moral and ethical dilemmas around hitting a wrong target etc.

I humbling submit that only defense and no offense has limited efficacy. ~~Criminals~~ This vermin will just come back with impunity.

But I believe due to limited or zero legal remedies. Society must find ways to exact price of equal or greater value – although they are ~~criminal~~ vermin’s these are humans with similar soft ~~spots~~ underbelly. All is fair in love and war adage.

I am feeling nauseous feeling since reading about increasing targeting of hospitals.

But do we **even** have any reasonable **technical** options of chasing ransomware actors?

###Is it technically impossible to go after them in any reasonable way?

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Malware is a business, first and foremost. All we have to do is making the business SO costly that it doesn’t pay enough anymore.

As long as there are easy targets, though, it pays.

In other words, yes, defense is actually enough. Right now, even less is enough than what you could do, because like I said, malware is a business. They don’t have to bring in the big guns if the small guns are enough to hold up enough businesses. So your only goal right now is to make sure that you’re harder a target than the store next to you.

In other words “Dear burglar: My stereo costs 200 bucks, my alarm system costs 2000. With my neighbor it’s the other way around. Choose wisely”.

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