January 22, 2021

Clean install – how clean? + additional questions

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to view my post and questions.

I find my self sporadically wanting to learn to code and to improve my understanding of computers, but it all seems so large and complicated, so most of the time when I have a question about computers and coding, I find my self just not asking the question or researching the answers. So I hope you guys can provide me with some “fast and simple” answers-if such a thing exits.

1) a new OS installation where you opt to delete a partition (all partitions), be it windows or Linux, how sure can you be that the computer is “safe” and clean?

2) I have an external hard drive that I believe might be compromised, how can I safely examine and verify this? When I prompt to safely remove it(windows) it says it’s in use, even though it shouldn’t be (only browsed the drive and tested a few video files).

3) if a computer on my network is compromised, how likely is this to spread to other devices? My worry is, that if my windows pc is compromised it will spread over the LAN to iOS and other devices. Is this a legitimate worry?

4) if an iPhone is compromised, what’s the best way to clean it?

Bonus question:

I want to start using Linux, get a good understanding of how it works, and then learn Python. Do you have any good recommendations for a learning source where Linux and python is used?

Thank you once again for your time.

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