May 29, 2021

Concerned about my local network security

Concerned about my local network security



Hey guys,

I’m not very educated in IT security and was hoping to look for some clarity on whether I am protected from skilled and malicious people.

I live in a shared apartment, in an apartment complex. My housemate is well versed in coding and we recently had a software engineering student move into the complex. I don’t know anything about the software engineer but my housemate has tendencies to be very paranoid and a somewhat controlling person. I guess I am now the paranoid one.

We have a WIFI network which uses a Sagemcom [email protected] 5355 router, earlier I tried to log into the router’s administration page using the credentials on the unit and the password was incorrect. Perhaps my housemate has already changed the credentials for security reasons but I am yet to ask him about that.

I use an Imac and Iphone, both of which are always connected to NordVPN clients, I also use 1Password for storing personal information.

I’m a little bit concerned about being monitored and would like some peace of mind if possible. I’ve read a little bit about packet sniffing but I have no ideas what other tools are available to someone monitoring my activity.

I read in a thread that I could use Nmap to see if there is any suspicious activity but I am clueless to what the information could mean.

I have a log from a scan but not sure if I should post the data online as I have no idea if that information can be used against me. I am more than happy to answer any questions if need be.

Sorry guys I know I should put in the hard work and learn this trade myself to answer my own questions but as we all know, networking is a vast field of knowledge to obtain and I’m hoping someone here is friendly enough to help me sleep a bit better.

I’m thinking of resetting the router to factory settings when my housemate goes to sleep and then quickly change the password and share that with my house mate if he asks. I’m not even sure if someone in the building can determine my router’s IP address based on the SSID, go in and change the password. I’m not even sure if there are any valuable tools they can use if gaining access.

Anyone willing to share some advice with me? I’m considering getting an IT technician in to double check security but no idea what that would cost, if they can just rip me off and/or fill my head full of bullshit to turn a profit.

Thanks very much.

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