July 12, 2021

Confused Student

Hello everyone, I’m graduating with a degree in computer science this year and applying for a master’s degree in cybersecurity. I’m very excited, but I’m not sure what to expect or how to plan my career in this field. I’ve heard about certifications, but iam confused where to begin. How should I plan my career while pursuing my master’s degree? I appreciate anyone who answers this. Thankyou.



Full stop….why are all these kids graduating with a B.S. and jumping straight into a M.S…why? Do you think you are going to get more money?? My suggestion is stop….get a job…see what areas interest you….so you want to stay on the tech side or move into the management side..those are two different masters degrees..


Personally I wouldn’t get a masters with a Comp Sci degree, I have a Comp Sci degree and a Masters in Cybersecurity. Masters has provided zero benefit, my career as a programmer for a few years gave more weight than a Masters.


Not to be a dick, but you have your BS in Computer science and know nothing of certs… wtf are they teaching you guys. Experience and certs is all you need. A bachelors will help, but the experience is worth more than a Masters. Save your money, go get a job, get the certs that tailor your resume and focus on a specific niche. Work, get LORs, experience, networking and then reapply at a better company for more pay. Repeat this until you get a killer gig.

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