Good people of Reddit, I had a technical interview today but I screwed up at one question. And I want to correct myself to the interviewer but I only have the HR’s email. Is this a good way to approach them?

Here’s the draft:

Hi (HR),

I had the technical interview today and it went reasonably well. We’ve discussed some interesting problems over the call which led me to think of them even as I was commuting home. And I realised that some things could have been answered better. I apologise for this direct approach and I’d be grateful if you could kindly pass the following information to my interviewer mentioning me.

“On designing a password manager, I was asked at one point, if the encryption would be server or client side. I answered server-side as it should be but I approached it purely from the point of view on scalability.
Why not the client-side? Because the server needs both the ciphertext and the decryption key to be sent from the client to decrypt them. So encrypting this on the client side and sending these would just be a redundant step, since SSL is doing the transport layer encryption (for username and password) which is all we require.”

I understand that this might be an unusual ask from a candidate. And I believe these are the kinds of exception and tenacity that you are looking for at (company). I truly admire the culture of solving creative and challenging problems at (company).

Kind regards,

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  • Cautious_General_177

    November 3, 2021

    1. Probably not worth it, as, at this point you could have just used google
    2. If you’re set on it, do you remember the interviewers name? If so, you can probably figure out their email address and contact them directly (while also showing off some skills). If not, ask the HR person and contact them directly, but still probably not worth it.


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