July 19, 2021

Could anyone answer some questions I have?

1.) Is tryhackme a good learning platform?

2.) If tryhackme is not a good learning platform what would be a good platform to learn?

3.) Is cyberstart America a good learning platform?

4.) Would learning C before C++ make learning C++ easier?

5.) What are some easy to obtain certs that are widely recognized?

6.) Is there any internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing programs, or fellowships for people at the age of 16 or younger?

7.) Do you think that the cybersec, or the intelligence & national security summer programs by the NLSC are good?

8.) Are there any solo ctf or smth else competitions that employers would be looking for talent?

9.) Is it just because I am inexperienced that I think certain learning sites such as tryhackme and cyberstart America would not transfer into real life, because how it’s all layed out unlike if you are trying to hack into a website or program?

10.) Could someone create a virtual machine using a spare computer or do you need a server? If you need a server what parts would someone need to create one a budget, or is it easier to buy a pre-made server if so what servers would you recommend?

11.) Is the “C programming language for the absolute beginner, third edition” a good book?

12.) Is “the C++ programming language special edition by Bjarne Stroustrup” the creator of C++ a good book?

Help is greatly appreciated!

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