December 19, 2020

Cracked wide open

So I’ve had trouble with attacks over my network…I’m using a hotspot to connect to the internet..and soon after whatever device I’m connected to has an attacker lurking and using different.methods to gain after a clean install and a connection to the network, I get an alert from my antivirus that changes to %system%/CatRoot were obviously they’ve been using that way to have my windows update to install the malware that ends up controlling my device. Powershell was apparently what they used as that was the program that was blocked from making changes to the CatRoot dir. These are fairly advanced attacks for my level of knowledge and I’ve had No luck in stopping this..EVERY time I do a secure wipe of my SSD and HDD and reinstall windows, I have my antivirus bypassed and some sort of rootkit or other undetectable malware seemingly instantly installed to my device, and them the attacker starts sending me BSOD crashes and other disrupting attacks .I also believe that my entire home network is infected from router to Roku sticks to Xbox..these pesky assholes will not leave me alone and.theyve stolen so much money it’s ridiculous. Does anybody have any clue where I can begin to alleviate any of this..or at the very least keep them from using my CatRoot dir to poison windows update? This shit is getting real old. My phones are hacked also, and my quality of life has greatly diminished as I’m currently enrolled full time in an online college for information technology and when I finish I’m to start on my cyber forensics degree. I was hoping to know more of how to stop this sort of thing by now but the IT degree just isn’t geared too much towards security or not enough to stop and advanced Cracker. Anybody out there with any help at all?

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