April 18, 2021

Curious Mechanics behind Game Account Ban

So I have a friend – truly a friend and not I ;) – that’s been repeatedly ban in a game for toxic behaviour. In the past, he just kept creating new accounts so that he could circumvent the bans. So fast forward until recently, he has once again received a ban.

He’s tried creating a new account and logging with a friend’s account. No joy. So we figured it was a public IP ban. He then got a VPN and was able to login on a new account for a couple of minutes, then he got booted off, and was henceforth unable to login. So then I figured it had to be something related to L2. So he spoofed his MAC address, enabled his VPN, and still, he is unable to log in. Finally, he went onto his partner’s laptop, connected to a VPN, freshly installed the game, and created a new account. He was again able to login for a few minutes, but then booted off.

Full disclaimer, he definitely deserves this ban – I’m not excusing his behaviour. But I’m truly curious as to how this is possible from a technical point-of-view, so here I am asking you guys.

I have a background in IT, mainly in networking. Cyber security, not so much. Took CCNA: CyberOps back in college. My mind jumps to a network worm that was injected via the game client, but that seems excessive, right?

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